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Head Pastors

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John was born and raised in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Practically born into ministry, as an adolescent, Pastor John, along with four of his siblings served in various areas of their father’s churches. In his teen years, he was choir director and a leader in the youth ministry in what was then one of the largest denominations in Africa founded by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Continuing with his call to ministry, Pastor John was a leader in his college ministry program and functioned as a pastor to hundreds of college students. Throughout the years, he has seen many translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light during services, street evangelism, outreach programs and village crusades, including playing the flute for Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke crusades. Pastor John has seen and personally experienced the miraculous power of God’s touch in the lives of many including prophetic words, deliverance from demonic oppression, healing and he even witnessed a lady raised from the dead. While in college, during a time of prayer and fasting, the Lord led Pastor John to the gospel of John 6:12. It was at this time that he received his call and instructions concerning ministry. The Spirit of God told Pastor John that he was to “Gather up the fragments (of people’s lives), so that nothing is lost.” From that time, he  began to understand his drive to minister wholeness in Christ to the brokenness in people lives and his passion to encourage them into their kingdom purpose.

 Robyn is convinced that every Believer can and should have a unique and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Her passion to see people move beyond their confession of faith, callous commitments, and religious observances into a truly intimate relationship with the Lord provokes her to ministry. Ministry has taken her on short and long term missions’ trips to Nigeria and allowed her to minister in the US at churches, conferences, women’s ministries, small groups and to individuals of all ages. Pastor Robyn graduated from the GWWM School of Biblical Studies and has successfully completed the American Association of Christian Counselors Marriage and Family Christian Counseling training program. Fully persuaded of God’s desire for all Believers to experience abundant life, she seeks to see individuals connected with God and established in the kingdom of God. Pastor John’s drive to minister wholeness to the broken and see people established in their purpose combined with Pastor Robyn’s passion to see people connected with God and established in the kingdom of God resulted in the birth of Kingdom Connection Ministry.

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Howard fell into God most necessarily. He was raised in an environment respecting God and his vision for all else. Guided to pursue what he loved most, Howard graduated with a B.A. in Bible and a Masters of Divinity. He met his wife in their first semester at university and convinced her to marry him between their junior and senior year. Mission accomplished. They began God’s pastoral calling at that point together, joining as one their previous mission work and travel in Russia, India, China, and the Bahamas.

Two children and nineteen years of ministry later, God has called them to be a part of what He is doing in Columbia, Tennessee. Praying for God’s work in this city for several years, they have witnessed God now begin a new, altogether different work in this place and are excited and humbled to be used by Him in this endeavor.

Anna has enjoyed a personal relationship with the Lord since she was a young child, and she is passionate about helping others come into deeper intimacy with Him. She writes the blog for Kingdom Connection Ministry, and she likes to pray.

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